The Understanding of Women

James is in love with Imogen. Imogen has disappeared. With the help of an imaginary ex-girlfriend, James follows Imogen’s trail towards the grand romantic reunion he wants. He’s pretty sure…

James could always understand everyone. Everyone but Imogen. Imogen was a mystery, and now James needs to find her.

A light, whimsical story of a boy who knows both too much and too little.

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Writer's Little Helper:

“Possibly my book of the year.”

“This novella is thought provoking and stays with you for days.”

Book Geek Says:


“James made me feel like I was on the edge of madness.”

Lies, Ink:

“It’s the book equivalent of a fondant fancy (or, if you don’t like those, something else compact and sweet and self-contained).”

“…a well crafted, charming story…”

A Vaguely Improper Review Of Sorts by Jamie Drew:

“I really liked your book. I’m not even lying; you’re not that pretty.”


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