Of Things Gone Astray

A pianist loses his keys.

A father loses his job.

A girl loses her love, a woman loses her way, and a recluse loses her privacy.

And a little boy is pretty sure he’s lost everything he can already. But he’s wrong.

My first full length novel is set to be published by The Friday Project on the 28th of August 2014 in the UK, early September in New Zealand and early in 2015 in the US.

The cover art is by the wonderful Tegan Moss, who is obviously a genius, as well as being one of the nicest people I know.


”Of Things Gone Astray iks a brilliant novel that redefines the boundaries of where our lives begin and where they end.” - Simon Van Booy

”This book reveals the world as it really is: fantastic. A rare inspiring feat.” - Andrew Kaufman

”I wanted to read this quickly but it kept making me stop to think. I love this stunning collection of quirky ideas, skillfully told, and any one of them could happen to any one of us, at any time.” - Cecelia Ahern

”This book let me be just as lost as I liked, and that was okay.” - Ella Risbridger

”…beautifully written and magically unique.” - Heatworld

”…witty, moving and thoughtful… …A book that lives in the reader’s mind long after it’s finished.” - The New Zealand Herald

”Magical, stunningly written, and well worth a read.” - Australian Women's Weekly New Zealand Edition

”The story is like nothing you’ve read before, the writing is intense and incredibly satisfying, and the ideas explored are thought-provoking. It’s also wonderfully hilarious.” - Bookie Monster

”This is a fantastic, magical book that makes you want to hug the characters and makes you appreciate the life you have.” - Writer’s Little Helper

”Simply put, it is strange but stunning. A literary gem.” - Bleach House Library

”a captivating read” - Juniper’s Jungle

”There’s a wonderful, dream-like quality to Matthewson’s prose which binds together the most outlandish events and the emotional realities that they come to represent.” - We Love This Book

”…a captivating debut novel” - A Spoonfull Of Happy Endings

”…captivating and thought-provoking” - Reading in the Sunshine

”…like if Nick Hornby wrote The Wizard of Oz…” - Caroline O’Donoghue

”What a fucking weird book. In the best possible way.” - Utter Biblio

Janina Matthewson