On Reading

tumblr_lnol6mjbXU1qha2g0o1_500I’m going to go right ahead and copy both Scott Pack and Big Green Bookshop¬†and list some of my reading habits. Just ’cause:

  1. I’m a messy reader; my books often end up with crumbs in them, looking rather battered.
  2. I sometimes read up to five books at time.
  3. The most common reason I stop reading a particular book, is that I get carried away by another, and forget I was reading the first.
  4. I reread a lot; if I really love a book I’ll get to the end and immediately start it again.
  5. I can read in the most distracting of environments, no matter who’s around.
  6. When I buy clothes that have ribbons sewn inside the neck to keep them on hangers, I cut the ribbons out to use as bookmarks.
  7. I never wanted an eReader, but my mum forced me into it by buying me one for Christmas. Now I rely on it, although I do still prefer print.
  8. I love giving people books, and I like to give them my own copy, usually after I’ve scribbled notes to them all over it.
  9. I had never read a graphic novel until this year. I’d always found them difficult to engage with, but I’m getting used to it.
  10. I once stopped for a read in the middle of the Louvre.

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