On Being A Real Person Now

Photo 11-11-2013 22 20 11In case you missed my blithering all over the twits last week, I have some news: I have an official publication for my first full length novel, Of Things Gone Astray.


It’s being published by the rad team at the Friday Project who I already thought were splendid well before they decided to publish my book. They publish Andrew Kaufman and Caroline Smailes and lots of other excellent people. Publication Day is the 21st of August 2014, assuming I do my job and get my edits in on time, and boy, will there be a party. My mum’s coming, and she lives on the other side of the world, so…

True to form I’ve already done some poorish handling of the whole situation. The issue is this: I’m very used to carrying the vague promise of success sometime in the distant future, if I ever get my act together. I’m not so hot on having legal documents that say “Look! I did an achievement!” And it’s not even a successful achievement; I may not even sell any copies. I really hope I sell some copies.

So when I signed the contract, I took DAYS before I could talk about. I couldn’t even bring myself to talk about it long enough to tell that Jamie guy to stop blurting it out willy nilly like an idiot.

Anyway, it’s a thing now. It’s just over nine months until you’ll be able to hold a real life copy in your hands, assuming you want to. So that’ll be nice.


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