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UPDATE: you can by Amy’s incredible song HERE.

I wrote an actual book and it has been edited and re-edited and edited again and printed out in hardback form I don’t even know how many times. This is ridiculous. It is a ridiculous thing.

Thanks to the lovelies at The Friday Project at Harper Collins, from this Thursday you’ll be able to swan into a real bookshop and pick up a real copy of this real, actual book.


There’s even a very exciting competition happening on Thursday that involves coming to the Southbank and getting free books FOR A YEAR. AN ENTIRE YEAR.

And, AND, as if it all weren’t thrilling enough, the wonderful, perfect Amy Grace wrote a song about it.

unnamed Soon I’ll be worrying about whether people are going to buy it and whether they’ll like it. Whether my friends will read it and decide that actually I’m not as cool as they thought I was.

But right now it’s all just lovely.

I wrote a book and it’s about to go on shelves in bookshops and at least three or four people like it so far, not counting my mum. This is good. This is nice.

Now I’ll just write another.

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